Heal Youself. Heal Your Life.

Meditative Healing Practices


Tools for Personal Transformation and Spiritual Developement

A COMPLETE SPIRITUAL SUPPORT SYSTEM gives you superior healing keys to overcome challenges, eliminate suffering and get your life back into balance. In this course, Jasmin will teach you simple yet powerful techniques that you can easily practice on your own. You'll have a new and exciting ability to heal yourself, as well as focus on areas in your life you feel need clarity, insight, and trasformation. Included with the course is a BOOK/DVD Package illustrating the form and details of all 26 Khis.

Self-Healing Course

  • Basic Course: 10 Hrs
  • Follow-up Course: 6 Months
  • Weekly Emails & Phone Support
  • Includes BOOK/DVD Package
  • Private or Group Format Available
  • In person or via skype/webinar
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  • Email for more info
Course Fee
$369per person


Basic Course can be can be taught in one day and covers the essentials of the AKASH KHI Self-Healing Program. You will be guided through several meditations, giving you a direct experience of their healing nature. You will become familiar with the self-healing process, by exploring the teachings and learning the techniques. You will receive the BOOK/DVD Package, which will expand your knowledge and skill far beyond the Basic Course. All of this will enable you to use the system efficiently and continue to practice on your own.


Akash Khi Activation Meditation (30 min)

a guided meditation that connects you to your Source, activates the flow of energy, and bestows a blessing on the practitioner

Introduction To Akash Khi Method (30 min)

an overview about the Akash Khi Method, it’s founder, the story of origins and it’s signature techniques

Self-Healing Program Overview (30min)

a step-by-step explanation about this program, how it works and the philosophy behind it

The Benefits (30 min)

an overview of the benefits you can gain from these practices

Guided Self-Healing Meditation 1 (30 min)

you will be guided through your first Akash Khi Self-Healing Meditation, giving you a direct experience

Mudra Remedies (60 min)

an overview of the 26 mudras and their specific applications for healing and solving various issues in life

Self-Evaluation & Diagnostic (30 min)

allows you to look at yourself and your life and assess where you need the most healing, based on this program’s guidelines

Guided Self-Healing Meditation 2 (30 min)

you will be guided through your second Akash Khi Self-Healing Meditation of your choice, based on your self-evaluation

Mudra Techniques (60min)

teaches you the basic mudra finger configurations and their names

Basic Practice Guidelines (30 min)

teaches you how and when to practice for best results, including more advanced techniques such as movement, breathing, and other aspects

Guided Self-Healing Meditation 3 (30 min)

you will be guided through your third Akash Khi Self-Healing Meditation of your choice

The Art of Hologazing (30 min)

teaches you the meaning of hologazing, the basic hologazing techniques an how you can apply them to create holo-mudras

Question & Answer (1Hr 30 min)

an open discussion where participants can ask questions and learn more

Closing Meditation (30 min)

bring closure sealing the benefits gained through the program, while opening the flow for the ever-evolving continuation of the healing journey


The Follow-up Course encompasses a 26-week transformational program. Each week focuses on one Khi, whereby you are encouraged to develop a regular practice routine and ideally persist through the whole program. Jasmin offers email and phone support, answering your questions and helping you in your healing process. She will also share more advanced teachings, expanding on your knowledge and practices. After the completion of the program, you’ll have the gift of this spiritual support system that you can continue to implement throughout your whole life.


WEEK 1: Akao - Merging Into Oneness
WEEK 2: Byog - Creating Security

WEEK 3: Caur - Practicing Non-Harming
WEEK 4: Dyat - Aligning With Truth
WEEK 5: Efne - Opening To Forgiveness
WEEK 6: Fau - Stepping Into Power

WEEK 7: Gyi - Deepening Compassion
WEEK 8: Hri - Attaining Self-Actualization
WEEK 9: Isao - Growing Happiness
WEEK 10: Jair - Embodying Health

WEEK 11: Kai - Being Love
WEEK 12: Laux - Relaxing Into Peace
WEEK 13: Mqua - Cultivating Non-Judgment
WEEK 14: Nang - Reclaiming Dignity

Week 15: Oshq - Glowing With Purity
WEEK 16: Pyex - Having Trust
WEEK 17: Qyin - Radiating Beauty
WEEK 18: Rzux - Adhering To Integrity

WEEK 19: Shum - Embracing Courage
WEEK 20: Tat - Developing Patience
WEEK 21: Uru - Expressing Creativity
WEEK 22: Vuxu - Living Self-Mastery

WEEK 23: Wung - Acting With Confidence
WEEK 24: Xar - Breaking Into Freedom
WEEK 25: Yqoa- Manifesting Prosperity
WEEK 26: Zash - Rising To Success

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