Akash Khi

Fifteen years ago Jasmin Akash spontaneously began receiving information and techniques that she has refined and developed into the Akash Khi system of healing, meditation and yoga. The first of its kind, this cutting-edge technology is a fusion of modern science and spirituality, designed to free us from suffering and restore balance and wholeness in our life.

ImageFirst we see things, then we interpret what we see. On a second-to-second basis our vision determines what we think, influencing our attitudes, behaviors and actions. In her book Self-Healing with the Art of Hologazing Meditation, Jasmin introduces Hologazing, a simple yet powerful technique which shifts our normal perception so we can break the chains of our self-imposed limitations and be who we really are!

Akash Khi employs an entirely new generation of hand poses (or mudras) called Khis. They are the tools, the nuts and bolts, of the whole system. As symbols of wholeness they heal the body-mind separation and lead to dynamic personal growth. They are simple enough for anyone to do, yet as with all archetypes they hold within them the wisdom of creation.

Currently Jasmin offers two courses, "Hologazing Meditation" and "Self-Healing Course", as well as private healing sessions. For specifics, these are listed in the Services section of the site.