I have experienced first hand the remarkable work of Jasmin Akash. She has the unique ability to connect to the divine source using the divine language of the Mudra Exercises, and I enthusiastically endorse her work. A feeling of wholeness and inner peace was my experience after each of our sessions together.

Dr Wayne Dyer New York Times bestselling author, internationally renowned motivational speaker in the field of self-development, the author of over 30 books including The Power of Intention, Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life, guest on PBS, Oprah, Ellen, The Tonight Show, The Today Show

I am a business professional who has tried many other conventional meditation techniques, but failed. AKASH KHI Holographic Meditation on the other hand has yielded fast and profound results. The techniques are fun and effortless. Many professionals want meditation, but not the religious overtones that go with it. I believe that AKASH KHI is perfect for professionals like me.

Libby Sheridan Regional Manager of Avon Cosmetics

Jasmin Akash's healing work and book are life transforming and like no other on planet earth! After suffering much grief from the passing of my father, I did my first session with her and she completely removed all the anxiety, stress and grieving from my heart. She placed me in a loving, healing and transcendental state of bliss. Upon awakening I have been able to get back to the real me full of zest for life, peace, stillness and an calm mind full of love and positive energy. Her healing has completely recharged my soul and now I can get back completely to living in the now, honoring my father, and serving others! I highly recommend both her healing services and her books for anyone who wants to remove the pain and achieve calmness and bliss in their lives!

Patrick Snow International best-selling author of Creating Your Own Destiny, The Affluent Entrepreneur, and Boy Entrepreneur

I am a businessmen, and AKASH KHI is an excellent treatment for professionals like myself who often lead stressful lives and need to escape from this stress. The sessions helped me to experience complete relaxation, inner peace and mental calm. I felt refreshed and rejuvenated as if I took a long nap, and noticed increased energy levels.

My daughter had a fear of flying and usually feels nervous and uptight. The next day after the session she went on a trip and noticed a difference; she was relaxed and didn’t have any of the symptoms she had experienced before. My friends who have done sessions with Jasmin have had great results.

Joseph Sugarman Enterpreneur, best-selling author, marketing expert, founder of the famous BluBlocker sunglass company, guest on Oprah, CNN, ABC

Using the AKASH KHI Mudra Exercises, my stress level has gone down significantly, and I am more focused and productive in my work. I encourage all seekers of inner wisdom to discover for themselves how soul-encouraging this practice can be.

Stephanie Roberts Publisher and consultant specializing in feng shui, author of Fast Feng Shui book series

When Jasmin places her hands in sacred mudras on my third eye, all stress dissolves & even after just a few minutes of her sublime healing touch, I feel rejuvenated & renewed. If you have the opportunity to experience her sacred touch, you will know from first hand experience the true meaning & feeling of Divine Grace!

Meenakshi Angel Honig Author, internationally acclaimed yoga Instructor & wellness consultant

The best treatment you could give your body, mind and soul. The wholeness I experienced was neurophysiological, leaving an imprint on my nervous system that erased trauma and injury going back a half century. Sadness that perhaps would have taken 10 hours of psychotherapy to release dissolved in minutes. My nervous system was restored to its most balanced and radiant state of restful alertness. Totally transformative.

Dr Harold H. Bloomfield N.Y. Times best-selling author, guest on Oprah, CNN, FOX, CNBC

I am certainly impressed with the beautiful book, and quite intrigued by the exquisite mudras. You have come up with a concentration/meditation technique that is only unique but also appealing to all those who want to stay away from religious types of meditation.

Dr. Georg Feuerstein Best-selling author of over 50 books on yoga including The Yoga Tradition, contributing editor to the Yoga Journal, founder of Yoga Research and Education Foundation (YREF)

I was amazed about the effectiveness of Jasmin's unique healing approach. I had a session with Jasmin at a time when I was under a lot of stress and was feeling out of balance. In a matter of minutes I went into a deep relaxation and experienced an increasing sense of peace and well being. At the end of the session I felt rested, rejuvenated and rebalanced, and the effect of the session lasted in the days to follow.

Pier Paolo de Angelis Owner of THE STUDIO MAUI Yoga Center

Holographic Meditation: The 12 Elixirs of Life is a rare, visionary and inspiring gift. These graceful concepts and images will take you to a sacred place”. Thank you, Jasmin, for you heartfelt wisdom and divine expression.

Alan Cohen N.Y. Times best-selling author, guest on Oprah, CNN, FOX, CNBC

Every session is a truly profound journey into the depths of my being. The body-mind separation completely dissolves and I feel like I am not a solid body any more - but layers of energy. My mind becomes restfully alert but I am not thinking. I feel electrical currents and other subtle sensations in my body realigning my energy field into a state of balance and harmony. The experience is so peaceful and blissful - you don’t want to come out of it


Very grateful to you for helping me through a rough emotional passage in my life and bringing me, with your healing touch, to a place of understanding and joy.


Although I was skeptical at first, the sessions helped me to transform many destructive thought patterns and behaviors. Much faster than traditional psychotherapy ever did. Jasmin has helped me get in touch with the root of many of my issues very quickly. With her healing touch I achieved a state of deep meditation where I was able to access a place of peace and harmony. This allowed me to recognize that I really had all the answers deep within myself which were being drowned by the “chatter” of the stressed mind...

Trish Brown